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Ursula inisted in no uncertain terms that the house she moved into would have  at least  a toilet and bathroom, which this one didnt. So my family stayed in Tabara for a month  and I camped at our new home, installing a bath and toilet and digging a trench from the house right through the courtyard and out the front door to join with the municipal sewage system. One day I was so exhausted I lay on my back  in the trench on a hot August day under the entrance , enjoying the cool rock which had sapped my energy. A passing pilgrim stopped to take a foto  of the house and I managed to raise my hand and give a little wave. I dont they  even saw me lying in the trench, until seeing the foto later on their computer.


Having had no experience with building it was quite an exciting experience to switch on the water and go sprinting up to the house to see if there were any leaks. There werent. We moved into the house, putting up two tents upstairs , one for Dorothea and I and the other for our girls.  It was the only clean and dry place in the house . We returned to Home Schooling our daughters.


For nearly  two  years we slept in the tents and I worked on the renovation. The roof leaked and I tacked up large sheets of thick black plastic onto the beams inside to attempt to insulate and prevent rain water getting through. In winter the wind would howl though the cracks and the black plastic would heave up and down like big black lungs , it was a nightmare, and hats off to the courage and perseverance of my wife and two daughters.


Every new step in the renovation was a mountain in terms of finances and also becuase of my inexperience. The roof, the adobe walls, the staircase, the tiling, the plastering. I threw myself onto the Lord and each time launched out in faith. After the first year I renovated the  entrance porch and made a small kitchen. We began to have Pilgrims come in for coffee.


On numerous occasions I said to my wife, if we get through the next month it will be such a miracle I will never doubt God again. It reminds me of my natural father who always said that it was easy to give up smoking, he had done it hundreds of times.  However, we were amazed at how God provided for us everything we needed through prayer. This also was a great testimony to the many pilgrims who have come in for coffee and stayed to talk about God. We are so grateful to God for giving us the perseverance and for the people who he has moved to help us in the realization of this vision.


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